A place to live, a place to work, a place to share creativity
and vision, a place for the experience to become positive


Founded in 1989 by Joseph Mazoyer, DO is a team made up of high quality and complementary skills in the fields of creation, strategic marketing, semiology, ergonomics and engineering. As a team, we look at each project with  a pragmatic and realistic eye, but with that « innovation twist » that makes design a real lever for conquering and developing a brand.


Program of collaborative thinking around a project, a brand, a vision, or a strategy.
Our support may take different forms: from workshops and design sprints, to co-constructing a roadmap and creating design tools, from immersion workshops to integrating our designer within your teams.


A place for information to be absorbed with in the design team, where innovation and ideas are being shared daily. It hels grows communication and teamwork.


For a year already, we have been actively working on the opening of a new space in our Lyon agency. This new place is entirely dedicated to creation, innovation and collective reflection. The result of numerous discussions between DXO and DO: facilitation space, space for transmission and academic sharing, team cohesion space, portotyping space with our clients, brainstoriming space... so much reason to refresh this place in the agency that is not being used up to its potential.