Based on listening and the specific needs of each team, we personalized every support, to go from the idea to the product, from the problematic to the successful experience.

scenario & USER TEST

Meeting with end users is a fundamental step in the methodology in our agency. Nothing can replace experience sharing. In situ observation of gestures, habits, customs and often unexpected diverted products helps to identify "innovative use" potential.

vision & strategy

We are witnessing deep changes in our societies and their environnements. Adaptating products, services and organizations forces the Designer to restore meaning and to ensure progress is widely shared.

ideation & workshop

Knowing how to give life to an idea or a concept is one of the strengths and specificities of the designer. Therefore, we place a great importance in the process, we always recommend not leapfrog over.

rendering & animation

Sharing a common representation of a service scenario or an object in the process of creation, allows all the actors in the project to understand each other and correct it if necessary.
With realistic renderings, animated films and motion designs, we encourage decision making and investment.

prototype & improvment

Products are made to be used, handled and not just watched. The fab-lab is mandatory in all our projects. Mock-up and prototype can immediately highlight problems of use and design.


Digitalization of products and services is a huge leverage for the user experience. It impacts all sectors of industry and service.By relying on our industrial design approach we design Apps in line with industrial issues.

development & follow up

The quality of a design is showed through finished product, not in the preliminary sketches.
Integrating technical constraints and optimizing components should be done as early as possible to ensure successful implementation of the plan.

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