We work in the spirit of Conviviality & daring.    
Experts in the fields of creation, we practice semiotics, ergonomics and engineering, marketing and strategy

Founder and CEO, Joseph guide the new generation of designers and engineers towards Innovating by Design and Strategic Vision.

Frédéric STRUBI
Design Manager

Frédéric is together a manager and a designer. He is the most experienced member of the team, to build tailores offers and implement the talents best suited to achieve it (industrial, UX and UI).

Félicien BERGERE
UX Designer

Senior UX, UI designer integrates user needs into project to enlight experiences while doing best ergonomic design work !
Sectors: luxury, connected devices, small appliance, cookware, indoor and outdoor lightening

Pascale GAY
Studio Manager

Pascale faces every days challenges to reponds to the agency needs and make our daily routine best, she is our superwomen amoung the team

Ergonomic Designer

Design prototyper Expert, Philippe guide our client in the creation of their product. He prones imagination et materialisation togheter to be able to shape a concept. Sectors: Connected devices, Medical, Toys/Childcare, Home, Outdoor.

Philippe BAJARD
Product Designer

Phillipe is our pandora's box, with very sharp intuitions and a great sensibility, he understands perfectly the vision of a project and get the best out of it. Sectors: Mobility, Eco design, Leisure, Childcare Luxury.

UX Designer

UX/UI designer, contribuing in researching user insights thanls to his customer relationship ta

Product Designer

Industrial and Product designer, leading the way to create teaching materials in partnership with engineering and design schools.

Innovation Specialist

A real asset to our design Squad, Adèle owns dual Innovation by design and business skills, we always are counting on her to realize unique gains on our missions. Thanks to her prism throughs.

« A project only makes sense if it moves us forward. »

Joseph Mazoyer, CEO at Design Office.
The designer is a key actor in the emergence of new models within organizations. Whether it is the search for « economic » models, « artistic » models, or « social » models, the design agency is a true laboratory for experiences. Keeping human experience at the heart of research is how we contribute to the transformation of companies and institutions.It makes sense for us to provide and equip managers with impactful design tools, both digital or physical, that are specifically adapted for decision-making, such as scriptwriting and prototyping.