The creation of a product or an innovative service is an iterative process that alternates between times of research, openness and creativity with times of analysis, validation and synthesis.

Our strength lies not only in our ability to imagine and propose strong, new and relevant solutions, but also in our capacity to listen and interact with a critical perspective.

Involving and listening to all stakeholders (multidisciplinary team of users, internal teams of the company, experts …) is essential to broaden the scope of possibilities. DO has a large meeting room where teams gather to brainstorm and share ideas.

Space has been designed to host focus-groups at various key stages of the project.

Exposing the work in progress to criticisms is fundamental for DO.

On the one hand, it avoids falling stereotypes and false good ideas. On the other hands, it allows DO to understand the powerful arguments and key ideas of the project which are elements of persuasion.



The quality of a design is showed through finished product, not in the preliminary sketches. Integrating technical constraints and optimizing components should be done as early as possible to ensure successful implementation of the plan. With 25 years of experience in product and interface development, we understand these issues and discuss constructively with the Research & Development division in charge of the product.



Products are made to be used, handled and not just watched. The workshop is mandatory in all our projects.

Prototypes can immediately highlight problems of use and design. They are also a very good way to test products with users who may not react to other media in the same manner. We believe that no image can replace a physical model.

How else could we realize the way the light affects the products or a new gesture, if not through experimentation?



Meeting with end users is a fundamental step in the methodology in our agency. Nothing can replace experience sharing. In situ observation of gestures, habits, customs and often unexpected diverted products helps to identify "innovative use" potential. We rely on these customer experiences to draw scenarios to better visualize the potential uses of a product.

Knowing how to give life to an idea or a concept is one of the strengths and specificities of the designer. Therefore, we place a great importance in the process, we always recommend not leapfrog over certain stages when beginning drawing. Sketches research has the advantage of flexibility, it does not freeze any idea or aesthetic solutions too early. It require to articulate intentions.

A good product should not only respond to a situation in terms of practicality, it also powerfully articulates the values of the brand for which it was designed.

This is why DO always begins exploring by understanding and formulating the DNA of the company. This preliminary work in all of our studies reveals the uniqueness factor of the brand which opens up many avenues for innovation. Each product becomes unique and legitimate because it is based upon the history and character of the company.







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