DO APPROACH - Design at the company's service

DO - Design Office is a design agency that supports a number of companies, large and small, in renewing and transforming their offers and their images

With "innovation of use" as a guideline, DO contributes to renewing a company's commitments and transferring them on to the products. By focusing on people as the heart of research, DO creates products that generate values and progress, as much economically than socially and environmentally.


Founded in 1989 by Joseph Mazoyer, DO is an expert team in the fields of creation, semiotics, ergonomics and engineering, marketing and strategy. Design Office offers a pragmatic and realistic outlook on a project with that «innovation extra characteristic» that makes design a powerful lever for brand development and capture.


the user

Through the continuous observation of life situations in the family, social, or professional spheres, DO is able to understand customer requirements and internal needs.


Exploratory research,

Assumption of product and service

Experimentation and prototypes

Video users

Focus group



the brand

The brand cannot be imposed. It is a reflection of a whole organization, its actions and its creations. The creation is only part of this dynamic to better serve the overall project of the brand.


Clarify the brand DNA

Design code and frame of reference

Express the mix design + brand

Offer development plan


the market

Thinking of tomorrow, while answering for today!

Watching for changes and trends affecting market segments

Script out future offers to extract development opportunities and innovations for today.

Bringing a product to the market is a collective process engaging many actors. The actors evaluate and propose ideas and concepts for new relevant offers which are in lines with clearly identified needs, and are drivers on the road to progress.

OUR DESIGNTOOLS - At the strategy's service

Innovation / Brand management / User understanding / Design follow up ....

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